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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Enabling Samsung Laptop Backlight Support in Ubuntu 11.10

Is your Samsung Laptop brightness buttons not working? Yep, mine isn't too. The Kernel in Ubuntu 11.10 includes support for a number of Samsung Laptops thanks to the efforts of Greg Kroah and if you are interested in improving this I suggest filing bug reports to your distribution vendor or upstream.

What to do in the meantime...

Follow these steps to make your Samsung Laptop's brightness buttons work / or to test if the samsung-laptop.ko works with your Samsung Laptop.

Open a terminal,

mkdir samsung
cd samsung
sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name

Make a note of the product name / model, mine is identified as R510/P510

gedit samsung-laptop.c

Add your Samsung model to the dmi table or modify one of the existing entries, scroll down to line 504, you will see the table starts with the N128.
.ident = "N128",
.matches = {
.callback = dmi_check_cb,

I am going to modify the N128 entry and replace the "N128" with my Laptop model, the R510/P510.

.ident = "R510/P510",
.matches = {
.callback = dmi_check_cb,

Once you have edited the samsung-laptop.c file, save and exit. Now build the samsung-laptop.ko module.


Your modified samsung-laptop.ko module should have compiled successfully. The next step is to replace the existing module.

sudo cp samsung-laptop.ko /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/platform/x86/
sudo depmod -a

The final step, add acpi_backlight=vendor to grub

sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

Modify the line,



GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_backlight=vendor"

Save and exit, then update grub.

sudo update-grub

Now reboot and test your Fn Brightness buttons.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Samsung Jet - Android slowly becoming a reality

This excellent piece of hardware was crippled by Samsung's poor operating system but those who own a Samsung Jet continue to live in hope as the JetDroid project continues to make progress.

The JetDroid project is an attempt to port the popular Google Android operating system to the Samsung Jet.

The people working on the JetDroid project are talented volunteers who together in their free time are making what some thought impossible, possible.

You can follow the project at:

Here is a video the JetDroid team released showing the Samsung Jet booting into a very limited Google Android.

Check out the JetDroid project page for more details.

Keep up the good work!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Samsung Jet - Not smarter than a smart phone!

Marketed as smarter than a smart phone, the Samung Jet has to be one of Samsung's biggest flops of all time.

The hardware in this nice looking handset is excellent but it is crippled by the extremely poor operating system and support from Samsung.

  • There are no additional widgets / applications to download
  • Official firmware support is non existent
  • The Exchange sync software doesn't work with gmail
  • No text smiley's
  • Can't copy/paste text
  • GPS drains the battery
  • Java support is poor
  • Motion gate is useless
  • USB data connection charges the battery and can't be disabled
  • Memo's limited to 100 characters
  • The phone is buggy

And more....

There are also many unhappy Jet owners,

Me included, hence the Nokia ads throughout this blog.

What has this got to do with Linux?

Well some good people are currently working on porting Google Android to this cool looking phone which will definitely make it one seriously smart phone!

At least the Jet can take decent photos.

Beware of the Troll, he lerks on many forums. Hang on, that's the same guy who sold me the Jet!