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Thursday, 5 January 2012

The death of Mandriva - 16th January 2012?

For the full details see:

Well,let's make it short: everything was fine, but there is a big problem: a minor shareholder (Linlux) refuses the capital injection required for Mandriva to continue, even though the Russian investor had offered to bear it alone .

Except turnaround Mandriva should cease activity Jan. 16 (Sorry for the bad news, for those who did not already know).

Perhaps that explains the fork by Rosalabs.

Monday, 12 December 2011

For a successful Mandriva 2011 install, follow these steps!

Mandriva 2011 is a very decent and innovating Linux distribution but is sadly let down by a few fixable quirks. The biggest show stopper occurs when trying to update Mandriva 2011 for the first time. Unfortunately many newbies are struggling with this pain in the backside so let me tell you what to do in easy to follow steps.

1.After installing Mandriva 2011 read the Errata -

Familiarise yourself with some of the known bugs, it isnt necessary to run every fix listed in the errata and I cannot tell you what to run as my system is totally different to yours :-)

However, the unused locales / drivers will apply.

2. Remove the unused locales and drivers left behind by the installer

Open a terminal and run these commands as root

urpmi xorg-x11
urpme --auto-orphans

3. Speed up KDE by disabling the debugging.

Why was KDE debugging turned on by default is beyond me, distributions such as Fedora KDE, Kubuntu, Mageia have this disabled. When enabled there is a performance hit.

To disable it, run this command as your normal regular user.


And tick the box to disable all debugging.

4. Update Mandriva

Open the Mandriva Control Center, select configure media sources for install and update.

Click on Add, then choose "Full set of sources"

You are now ready to update Mandriva, go back to the Control Center and select the "Update your system" option. If you get a prompt asking to resolve a dependency, please select the following option,


The update should run smoothly after this.

5. Reboot and enjoy Mandriva 2011!

Well almost, if closing Firefox causes LibreOffice to launch, remove the sym link in /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Mandriva 2011 - A magnificent attempt but is it enough...

After seeing some of the screenshots for Mandriva 2011 I was very tempted to try it, so I did.

And what do I think?

Well, visually Mandriva is the most impressive KDE distribution I have used. I really like the fact that rather than using the standard KDE look and feel Mandriva decided to be more innovative and create a refined piece of art.

The level of finish Mandriva have achieved is truly unmatched, the login screen, the custom Rosa menu, GTK application integration, everything blends in nicely. It gives the user the impression that they are using a quality product.

On the usability front, I have yet to encounter a single problem. Everything works!

I also quite like the folder stack widget Mandriva have introduced :-)

Unfortunately for Mandriva, will this new innovative piece of art be enough to inspire a new wave of interest in what was a project with an uncertain future?

I wish I had the time to provide a more comprehensive review of Mandriva 2011, perhaps I will come back later on with a few more articles featuring Mandriva but until then I seriously recommend trying Mandriva 2011.

Well done Mandriva!