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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Keep your PC clean inside and dust it out regularly

After a while your PC will collect dust not only on the outside but also inside. Many people overlook this but it is extremely important for the life of your PC to keep it clean.

Notice the the dust on the gfx card fan blades

Dust will build up over time and if you fail to clean it you may experience a number of symptoms as a result of overheating.

Fine dust coats everything, over time creating layer upon layer

Having worked on a number of PC's over the years I still cannot believe some of the PC's I have seen and the amount of dust inside.

Some are so dusty, it is like someone poured a hoover bag inside the PC.

I have also seen instances where heatsinks have become so packed with dust that it no longer resembles a heatsink but a solid mass. As a result the cooling fan cannot blow air through the fins.

Where you place your PC can have a big impact on the amount of dust that builds up inside.

Placing your PC on the floor or under a desk will cause dust to build up inside quicker than having it on top the desk.

Do not be afraid to take the side panel off your PC, you should make this a regular habit. If it needs a good dusting out, the best method is to use compressed air.

You can buy compressed air at your local Maplin Electronics store.

Infact Maplin currently have the following compressed air on special offer at a reduced price.

Fellowes Air Duster - £6.99
Order Code: N32HU

The special offer price will end on the 15th June 2010.

It may seem like you are paying for air but it is better than paying for a new PC.

A cool (and clean?) blue fan spinning away!