Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Fedora 16 - How to install 64-bit Flash Player 11

Even though I am using the beta Fedora 16 KDE, this quick little how to will work with the final release of Fedora 16. And by the way, Fedora 16 KDE is the best ever!

For those who are not aware, Adobe have finally "officially" released their native 64-bit flash plugin, which is great news for 64-bit Linux users.

See here for more info -

The Fedora 16 (64-bit) how to

Feel free to use your browser to download the plugin, visit the download section in the above link. I recommend using the yum repo in Fedora if you wish to receive updates automatically.

But for those who like the terminal....

su -c 'yum install'

su -c 'yum install flash-plugin.x86_64'

That's it, enjoy native 64-bit flash in Fedora 16!

Edit: Updated to reflect comment made by Rags, thanks for the advice.