Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Mandriva 2011 - A magnificent attempt but is it enough...

After seeing some of the screenshots for Mandriva 2011 I was very tempted to try it, so I did.

And what do I think?

Well, visually Mandriva is the most impressive KDE distribution I have used. I really like the fact that rather than using the standard KDE look and feel Mandriva decided to be more innovative and create a refined piece of art.

The level of finish Mandriva have achieved is truly unmatched, the login screen, the custom Rosa menu, GTK application integration, everything blends in nicely. It gives the user the impression that they are using a quality product.

On the usability front, I have yet to encounter a single problem. Everything works!

I also quite like the folder stack widget Mandriva have introduced :-)

Unfortunately for Mandriva, will this new innovative piece of art be enough to inspire a new wave of interest in what was a project with an uncertain future?

I wish I had the time to provide a more comprehensive review of Mandriva 2011, perhaps I will come back later on with a few more articles featuring Mandriva but until then I seriously recommend trying Mandriva 2011.

Well done Mandriva!