Saturday, 30 July 2011

Praise for Fedora 15 and KDE 4.6.x - A great experience!

Some old time Fedora users may be aware of Fedora's poor track record when it comes to KDE although things have been changing ever since the release of KDE 4.x. I regularly try Fedora KDE and so far haven't been fully convinced with the experience until now.

As a fan of both Fedora and KDE it gives me pleasure to say Fedora 15 with KDE 4.6.x is a great experience!

Over the past few months I haven't had a single crash or experienced any bugs with Fedora 15 and KDE 4.6.x. I am also particularly impressed with the fact that the latest (minor updates) versions of KDE are included in the standard update repositories.

With distributions such as Kubuntu and openSUSE you have to add an additional repository, which often works but on occasion as typically is the case with openSUSE you may end up with multiple dependency issues.

Performance wise, Fedora 15 with KDE feels noticeably nippier than Kubuntu 11.04 and hard to distinguish from openSUSE, a compliment to Fedora given their Kernel is not optimize for low latency like openSUSE and there is the additional overhead of SELinux.

Enabling restricted multimedia is also a breeze, my preferred method is to install the phonon vlc backend from the RPM Fusion repository.

So, once again I am impressed with Fedora but even more so with the Fedora-KDE team who have done a superb job.

 Fedora 15 and KDE 4.6.5 running harmoniously together!

Breaking news - Microsoft extends its interoperability agreement with SUSE

Well look on the bright side, at least there are plenty of alternatives to openSUSE / SUSE, Fedora being one of many!