Thursday, 19 May 2011

Jono Bacon, Ubuntu Community Manager - Unity is too simple

Pretending to be a Journalist - It's all about twisting the truth...

Jono Bacon, Ubuntu Community Manager at Canonical Ltd recently made the suggestion of creating a Ubuntu Power User Community, -

The alleged driving force behind this reason,

"as One key piece of feedback from some Unity users was a concern around the lack of configurability in Unity, and a feeling that it is a little too simple and does not expose enough of the system, for which many more expert Ubuntu users enjoy."

But more interestingly Jono states,

"While traditionally we set out to provide the simplest and easiest to use Ubuntu desktop environment, and this has not changed, this focus is become more and more prevalent as we shave off more and more rough edges on Ubuntu to make it ready for the prime-time. The problem is…some folks don’t want to loose the lack of configurability and control as we move towards the prime-time."

Some may even laugh at the fact that even the Ubuntu community find Unity too simple, although let us be very clear about what is too simple about Unity. It is the usability and functionality that is too simple.

The announcement by Jono has illustrated a clear wedge in the Ubuntu community that may have a long term damaging effect for Ubuntu.

Canonical Ltd have also seriously underestimated how much influence so called power users had on the popularity of Ubuntu.

Power users who do not use Ubuntu often recommend it to friends and family members because of its easy to use/maintain nature but will they continue to do so with Unity?

Jono's announcement has effectively said Unity is for people who can't use a computer, the Community Manager at Canonical Ltd has stated the key feed back about Unity from the Ubuntu community is that it is too simple.

The result is current Ubuntu users are finding Unity to be a very restrictive interface, an interface that dictates what you can do and one that does not let you do things.

Would you therefore recommend Ubuntu with Unity to a friend or family member?

Would you dare insult their intelligence?

You are too stupid to use a computer, you should use Unity.

Ubuntu currently has a reputation for being a newbie friendly Linux distribution, this is a very positive reputation that has helped to encourage the use of Linux.

Unity will overshadow that beneficial image and replace it with, Ubuntu - Linux for the computer illiterate and stupid.

I guess we all now know what the move towards prime time is all about.