Thursday, 26 May 2011

Has Debian 6 ended my distro-hopping madness?

With the release of Fedora 15 and all the surrounding talk concerning Gnome (S)hell, I thought now would be a good time to remind myself of what I would miss if I were to switch to Gnome 3.

So here it is, my Debian 6 Gnome 2.x desktop.

Out of the box Gnome 3 does look more modern but Gnome 2.x doesn't have to look boring, a few customizations can make all the difference.

This is a list of my current customizations.

GTK Theme: BSM Simple -

Icon Theme: Dropline Neu -!?content=38835

X11 Mouse Theme: ComixCursors (Opaque) -

Desktop Wallpaper: Carbon Gnome Wide -

Has Debian 6 ended my distro-hopping madness?

I have been looking for a solid, reliable and usable distribution for quite a while now and I believe Debian 6 is the answer.

Debian does exactly what I want without any fuss.

Although for a better experience I am using a customized 2.6.39 Kernel, Iceweasel 4 and LibreOffice 3.3.2.

Nonetheless, its long release cycle, good support and documentation from the Debian community, and overall no nonsense characteristic have made a firm impression.

The long release cycle being a major factor, I think by the time Debian 6 goes EOL Gnome 3 will be in a much better state.

Thanks Debian.