Monday, 13 September 2010

How to upgrade OpenSUSE 11.3 x64 to KDE 4.5 Stable

Great news for OpenSUSE 11.3 users, a stable KDE 4.5 repository has been released which means you can upgrade the default KDE 4.4.4 that ships with 11.3 to this nice new version.

You can read the official news announcement at:

To upgrade your OpenSUSE 11.3 installation follow the simple steps below.

Open a terminal / console and type the following,


Enter your root password, then type or paste the following commands,

zypper addrepo kde-4.5-stable

zypper dist-upgrade

You will see the following question, do you want to reject the key, trust temporarily, or trust always?

Press 'a' to accept the key,  KDE will now begin to update. When the installation has completed, reboot your system.

It should all be working perfectly after the reboot but if it does go wrong, don't blame me!

Enjoy KDE 4.5!