Friday, 21 May 2010

Halogen Oven - Looking for Recipes or Help and Advice?

The popularity of Halogen Ovens are on the increase.

JML Halogen Oven

These little ovens cook food using a high wattage halogen bulb, the same type of bulb found on a halogen heater.

The advantages of the Halogen Oven are it is quick, easy and convenient but more importantly the results are tasty.

Prices are not too bad either.

The only disadvantage with the Halogen oven is its life span, typically most last just over 1 year under heavy usage but to complicate matters even more most are non servicable.

The common part to fail in the Halogen Oven is the halogen bulb. Replacing it is near impossible. It can be done but only by the more technical minded person, providing you can get the replacement bulb!
My Cheese and Tomato Pizza cooking away...

Bearing in mind the price you are more than likely to get your monies worth out of one, so don't be disappointed if it dies after a year.

Learning to cook in the Halogen Oven does take some getting use to and you may end up with an over cooked pizza on your first attempt.

However here is a useful forum containing many Halogen Oven users, sharing their advice and recipes.

So if you need some help or recipes check it out.

The Halogen Oven Recipes Forum - Join the Halogeniuses today!

The Halogen Oven Recipes Website

My cooked Cheese and Tomato Pizza

How does my pizza look?

Maybe a bit dry on the top left / center, infact I had the temperature setting slightly too high.

I have been told an extender ring would help create better results but I have had great results with Pizzas using a lower temperature over a longer period of time.